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●We update our Other Languages page.

We have added Croatian Languege on our Other Languages page. In the past, we  provided video testimonies of atomic bomb survivors as well as memoirs of survivors in 20 languages. Starting on September 1, 2016. Currently, as shown in the table below, visitors to our website can access survivor memoirs and video testimonies in 21 languages. We will continue to add to our collection, so please visit our site often.
Languages Memoirs Video Testimonies
Arabic 9 5
Croatian 0 1
Dutch 6 3
Filipino 9 0
Finnish 6 0
French 9 20
German 9 19
Greek 6 0
Hindi 9 3
Indonesian 9 0
Italian 9 6
Malay 9 3
Polish 4 0
Portuguese 9 1
Russian 9 8
Slovene 0 2
Spanish 9 5
Swedish 6 0
Thai 9 3
Urdu 9 5
Vietnamese 6 0

 (Number of memoirs and video testimonies as of September 1, 2016) 

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